His style combines a multitude of genres, from Kane Brown to Frank Sinatra. From country to soul and everything in between. You would be hard-pressed to put a stamp on his vocal stylings as his unique blend lends towards a flavor that's palatable to a very wide demographic!”

— Bobby Earl Hamilton


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Although dry the Arizona desert is not so baron with musical talent. As a matter of fact, it’s teaming up with some of the greatest voices and writers in the music business today and one of them may just be the next breakout artist of 2019.  Meet, Andy Chipman. He began his musical journey at the tender age of 8 when he talked his dad into letting him take piano lessons and not long after that started learning to play the guitar as well.Songwriting would end up being his next destination, Andy’s dang good at it too. Say that a few times and you’ll get it.  One night while he was driving home from a house party in high school he heard, "Oh, My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams on the radio and,voilà , it was only a matter of time before strings on the guitar and the ink pens had to be replaced frequently. The writing bug had begun.

After high school, he felt obligated to hop on a plane to Chicago to pursue his business degree and take the "Safe Path." He figured he could check the box of college while continuing to write music, but after graduating college it didn't take him long to be waste deep in the world of finance and on his way to building a very successful career.  Over the years, Andy had kept his music alive by packing open mic nights and playing local shows, however once you are born you just keep getting older and there was no more time to waste before his mid-20s arrived. He could no longer fight off the stacks of unheard songs that had been accumulating dust at the bottom of his drawer.

In 2016, his company made a surprise move to relocate him from Massachusetts to Arizona to help expand operations out West. It was there he crossed paths with local producer Stephen Moyer and retired Nashville session/tour drummer Bobby Earl Hamilton. The three of them had instant chemistry and teamed up to bring to life his first debut single "Black On Out," an upbeat anthem that reminisces on the rollercoaster ride of early adulthood and the mistakes, unlearned lessons, and complicated relationships that come with it. Afterall, these songs just don’t write themselves..... See you in 2019.

Music is essentially 12 notes between any octave – 12 notes and the octave repeats. It’s the same story told over and over, forever. All any artist can offer this world is how they see those 12 notes. That’s it.”

— Sam Elliott (A Star is Born)



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